Accessible Health  Liaison Service (formally Transition Service)

If you need support with health appointments or accessing health services please contact NWDA
sms to 07435 967326

or e mail to

Available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Click here for information in BSL

Communication support at Health appointments has now been delivered through WITS since July 1st 2014. While there have been some initial difficulties on the whole the new system is working well and NWDA has a good working relationship with both WITS and BCUHB (the Health Authority). The Health Board realises that the changeover period has now ended but that support is still needed to make sure things continue to run smoothly.

The Health Board have worked with NWDA to create a new service, The Accessible Health Liaison Service which began on April 1st and the team will be Holly, Sarah and Hazel. But who will do what?

All the members of the team will be able to:
Make, change or cancel your health appointments – this includes appointments with
• GP’s
• Hospitals
• Dentists
• Opticians
• Clinics
• Pharmacies/The chemist
• District Nurses

Book hospital transport
Check communication support has been booked

Sarah will be available to encourage and support you to feedback, both positive and negative to the Health Board and to visit Deaf Clubs, Coffee Mornings or Forums to keep everyone up to date with what the team are doing and arrange one to one meetings for people who cannot attend the clubs etc.

Holly will be responsible for attending meetings with the Health Board, GP’s and pharmacy managers to make sure that all their staff are aware of their responsibilities with booking Communication Support, and arrange some Deaf Awareness sessions for their staff.
She will also organise workshops to make health issues accessible for BSL users. What these workshops are about will be your decision, let Holly know what you are interested in.

Hazel will manage the team, doing all the paperwork the Health Authority need.

All of the team will also work with health professionals and the Health Board by:
Providing accessible health information when requested by the Health Board e.g. translation of their health information into BSL, like the flu video that is on our website.
Work with WITS regarding interpreter preferences, so if you have changed your preferences, let us know and we can pass them on.
Give information to health professionals on when and how to book communication support
Promote and distribute the accessible health communication cards

We can all be reached at the NWDA offices or directly by e mail to or sms to 07435 967326
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 

Do you want to Feedback about BSL Interpreters and communication support at Health appointments?

Since July all bookings for BSL interpreters , notetakers and lipspeakers for health appointments has been the responsibility of the health professional. We need to know if you are happy with this new system.
Please give us your feedback

Download form Final questionnaire - BSL at Health appointments.pdf or
Final questionnaire - Communication support at Health appointments.pdf

or ask NWDA staff for feedback form. Thank you

Accessible Health Communication Cards

Have Health appointment?  Want interpreter?
Know How to get an interpreter?

Watch this information in BSL

You need to ask health professional to book interpreter through Wales Interpreting and Translation Service (WITS)
You can’t book interpreter yourself – have to go through health professional - you not allowed contact WITS yourself
Health means Doctor, nurse, hospital, dentist and optician
If problem who can help?
North Wales Deaf Association (NWDA) Transition Team
What can we do?

Make appointments for you
Ask health professional to book an interpreter if they not done it
Tell health professional how to contact WITS – if they not sure
Help you to complain if you not happy
If you want to use particular interpreters or not happy to work with someone NWDA can let WITS know who to book

How do you contact NWDA transition team – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Sms 07719 410355
Skype nwda.interpreting

If you want face to face with transition team we can arrange that.

If you don’t want to use NWDA
You can tell WITS direct about interpreter preference – INFORMATION FOR WELSH INTERPRETING AND TRANSLATION SERVICE.pdf
If you want to complain direct to the Health Board you can send to

Help us to make things work better by filling a feedback postcard.
You can download from here

Deaf and need communication support at health appointments?
Communication support can be BSL interpreter, lip-speaker or note taker

Health Board Ask for Feedback

Since July 1st, 2014 communication support for health appointments has been provided through WITS (Wales Interpreting and Translation Service).  BCUHB, The Health Board, would welcome feedback both positive and any concerns on this new way of booking BSL interpreters, lip speakers and note takers.  If you have used the service and would like to feedback then please use the feedback form which you can download from here by clicking on the following link (Feedback postcard for communication support at health appointments) or you can contact the Concerns Team directly by:

Phone:             01248  384194

Fax:                 01248  385318


Letter:            The Concerns Team,

                       Ysbyty Gwynedd,

                       Bangor, Gwynedd,

                       LL57 2PW

Have a look at their website for further information

To see this information in British Sign Language please click on link below.

Need help make appointment?
Contact NWDA Transition Team to ask for help - sms, fax, email, Skype, minicom - see below contact information

View information in BSL

The transition team has been set up Betsi Cadwaldr University Health Board and North Wales Deaf Association to assist Deaf people during the changeover in the Communication Services for people at health appointments.

From July 2014 the responsibility to ensure communication support is requested for health appointments now lies with the health professional, ie. the doctor, hospital etc and not with the patient.  The interpreter will then be sourced by the Welsh Interpreting and Translation Service rather than by either North Wales Deaf Association or Action on Hearing Loss.
As this is a huge change in the way this service has run, the Transition Team was established to assist both patients and professionals during this time.  They will collect information that WITS will need to make sure the appropriate communication support is booked, work with GP surgeries, dentist, opticians to ensure that our customers can contact them directly, by e-mail, sms, fax etc and work with the Health Board to ensure a smooth changeover.

The Transition Team will also arrange workshops on how to do things like book hospital transport, get repeat prescriptions or sick notes.

You can contact the team from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm on:

Phone 01492 563470
Fax 01492 593781
Minicom 01492 563475
SMS 07719 410355
Skype nwda.intepreting

Information from BCUHB about changes to communication support at Health appointments - Click here for Information from BCUHB.pdf

Interpreter Preference Form
Deaf people are able to say which interpreters they prefer to use.  WITS and BCUHB will try to book these interpreters for appointments but cannot guarantee - If you would like to make a preference please download form and return to transition team or If you would prefer to send information regarding preferred interpreters directly to WITS please send them to Tony Wilcox at WITS either via email to or hard copy in the post marked Private and Confidential to Tony Wilcox WITS (Maindee), Gwent Police Headquarters, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbrân, NP44 2XJ.   BSL users who want to send the information direct to WITS will only need to complete the information on page 1 of the form.

Welsh Government and Welsh NHS Health Boards have launched the All Wales Standards for Accessible Communication to ensure that the needs of people with a sensory loss are met when accessing our healthcare services.  Under the Equality Act 2010 there is a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure equality of access to healthcare services for disabled people. Public bodies need to take positive action so that all access and communication needs are met. The document sets out the standards of service delivery that people with sensory loss should expect when they access healthcare. These standards apply to adults, young people and children.

For more information please go to the website for more information or for information in British Sign Language visit their Youtube information:

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