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Under the new “Social Services and Wellbeing” Act (2014) which was recently introduced into Wales, many organisations across Wales are aiming to make their websites and services not only Bi-lingual (with information available in English and Welsh), but Tri-lingual by including the information in BSL.

The aim is to make services and organisations more accessible to everyone regardless of their background and communication needs.
NWDA have a new BSL Media Service, we can translate any text or oral/spoken information into British Sign Language. When the information is being signed, it is also video recorded, and then uploaded to the computer. The video is then edited and produced. Once the footage is complete the organisation / purchasers are supplied with; 1) an embedding code, which allows them to upload the clip onto their website or blog 2) an online you-tube link which they can use to share with their service users through any online app or social media site and 3) a QR code which directly links smartphone users to the link when it is scanned through the phone, and 4) can be supplied with a DVD which will show the BSL video clip when played.

The video clips can be adapted to meet the purchaser’s requirements, this can be done through a number of ways; by including a showing of the organisation’s logo/s in the clips, subtitled captions of the information translated into easy read (Plain English), also the information can be delivered through audio description over the BSL clip, making it accessible for individuals who have difficulty receiving information through written text.

Each task is priced individually depending on the size of the text, how much translation is needed, and what the Purchaser’s requirements are with regards to subtitling, Audio description/voice over amongst other factors.

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