DAISY - Digital Access Interpreting System

DAISY is a Remote BSL/English Interpreting System, available in Wales using Skype. By using Skype, Deaf and hearing people can access a Qualified BSL/English Interpreter (RSLI) remotely, saving on travel costs.
If you are a Deaf BSL user you can also use DA SY for making work phone calls or communicating with a hearing member of staff in the same room as you.
This service is ideal for one to one conversations (not long meetings*) or for making phone calls. You can book 30 minute slots up to a maximum of 2 hours (then a break is required). If you have an ATW budget then it can be paid for through ATW.
Fee: - £17.50 per 30 minute booking
Bookings can be made by emailing

DAISY Service for Anglesey

If you live on Anglesey and want to contact other services on Anglesey there is a remote BSL/English Interpreting System every Monday and Thursday from 11am to 3pm.








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