Hospital Appointment Reminder Service
BCUHB can remind you about your hospital appointment by sending you an sms


Cancel your hospital appointment
Need to cancel your hospital appointment, please watch this information

Antibiotics are not always the answer
Important information on why antibiotics may not be appropriate

NHS Cancer Screening Programmes provide a number of BSL information videos on breast, cervical, bowel and prostate cancer. You can view the videos by clicking on the following link:

Change 4 Life information in BSL

Eat Well, Move more, Live longer

Click here for BSL


What is it, what to do, how to prevent?
Click here for BSL

Seasonal Flu
What is it? Protect yourself and others
Click here for BSL

NHS Choices


Information on Prostate Cancer - signs and symptoms 
Click here for BSL

BCUHB  -from The North Wales Deaf Mental Health Network

How the network can help a Deaf person overcome mental health issues and get appropriate support.

Click here for BSL

Macmillan Cancer Support
Cancer information videos in British Sign Language

Some of our cancer information has been made available with British Sign Language translation. You can watch the videos via the links below.

About radiotherapy
Having radiotherapy
Radiotherapy side effects
Coping with hair loss
Getting Financial Help
Coping with advanced cancer
Living with Colon Cancer
Diet and Lifestyle

Health Information in BSL from Sign Health
Health Advice is hard to come by in sign language. It’s one of the reasons that Deaf people are more likely to be undiagnosed, or poorly treated, for a range of health conditions.The modern NHS wants patients to be well informed and to make their own healthy choices, but it doesn’t give Deaf people the information or the tools they need to do the job.SignHealth is growing this library of health information, to provide Deaf people with information on common, life-threatening and life-changing conditions and events.

SIgn Health have information in BSL on health problems 
Your body -;
Your mind -

Velindre Cancer Centre 
Video called “Cancer – Staying Positive” which has full BSL commentary and subtitles
Watch the video by clicking here

British Heart Foundation
Health information videos in BSL with subtitles on how to keep your heart healthy

Heart Health in BSL - Click here for BSL
Preventing Heart Disease - Click here for BSL
Diabetes - Click here for BSL
Conditions - Click here for BSL
Stopping smoking - Click here for BSL
Staying Active - Click here for BSL
High Cholesterol - Click here for BSL
High Blood Pressure - Click here for BSL
Family History - Click here for BSL
Managing your Weight - Click here for BSL
Family History and Heart Disease - Click here for BSL
High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease - Click here for BSL
Cholesterol and Heart Disease - Click here for BSL
Diabetes Type II and Heart Disease - Click here for BSL

Diabetes Information
Information in British SIgn Language from DIabetes UK
Understanding Diabetes in BSL with subtitles - Click here
Diabetes and the body - Click here for BSL

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