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Update From Sarah Matthews CEO Regarding NWDA Services Cut By Conwy County Borough Council

Conwy Council have now informed us that any Conwy residents who were accessing the NWDA services they cut from Monday the 1st of August and any residents who wish to be newly referred to the alternative services they have put in place, should contact the Conwy Access Team at:       

Conwy Access Team
Colwyn Leisure Centre
Eirias Park
Abergele Road
Colwyn Bay
LL29 7SP

Tel: 0300 456 1111
Fax: 01492 576330
Text message (for general enquiries): 07797 870361

Please do let us know if you have any concerns or experience any problems with these new arrangements and we can pass these on to Conwy Council.  

Threat to Services for people with a sensory loss in Conwy

Unfortunately we were informed by Conwy Local Authority on the afternoon of Friday the 29th of July that they were cutting all of our  services with immediate effect from 9am Monday the  1st of August, therefore we are no longer able to provide services previously funded by the Local Authority to Conwy residents or professionals. This includes our Equipment Assessment,
Rehabilitation and Habilitation Services, Information, Advice, Advocacy and Support Services and Communication Support Services to Council Departments  At this time, Conwy have not provided us with any information regarding the alternative arrangements/services they have put in place to meet the needs of the D/deaf and hearing loss residents of the county, but we are urgently seeking clarification on this and will provide further details via our website, newsletter, ebulletin, facebook and twitter as and when Conwy provide us with them.   

This WILL NOT affect our project work in the county which is supported by other funders and therefore our Accessible Health Project, Deaf Access Project, Live Well with Hearing Loss Project and Children in Need Children and Families Project as well as the communication support we provide through WITS at BCHUB appointments will continue to operate and support people across the whole of North Wales.    

Click here for information in BSL

Dear Conwy Service User 

Services for D/deaf People are under threat

We are contacting you as a present or past service user to advise you that the services we provide to the residents of Conwy are seriously threatened by proposed cuts Conwy Council are looking to make to our funding. If these cuts are approved by the Council then North Wales Deaf Association (NWDA) may no longer receive any funding from the Local Authority and will be unable therefore to deliver many of our vital services in the county from the end of June 2016. 

North Wales Deaf Association has for the last 20 years worked closely in the county with Conwy County Borough Council’s Education Department, Social Services, Leisure Services, and other agencies and voluntary organisations such as the NHS, Community and Voluntary Support Conwy, carers organisations and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

The services we provide at present in Conwy enable Deaf people and people with a hearing loss to live independently and safely in their own homes, via a home visit and provision of equipment from our Technical and Rehabilitation Officer. Those using our services also access our Community Advice and Support Service for translation of letters, applications for financial benefits, phone call support on behalf of people unable to make calls themselves and access to communication support for appointments with Council departments via the communication support team. For young service users we provide a Children and Families Support Group which enables families with D/deaf children to share experiences, support each other and have some much needed respite and fun. We had also been developing our new building in Colwyn Bay into a Sensory Loss Centre for North Wales, which would provide a physical base for many other Sensory Loss organisations to deliver their services from. We had hoped that the Conwy Local Authority would have welcomed our decision to site this North Wales Sensory Loss Centre in their county but these threatened cuts to our funding could instead have a significant negative impact on our plans.        

Whilst we fully appreciate that the Council is facing financial cuts on an unprecedented scale and has therefore to make savings somewhere, the amount of money we receive from the Council represents a very small proportion of the entire budget but provides an important preventative service and lifeline for as many as 38,600 people who are Deaf or living with a hearing loss residing in the county. 

It is also true to say that cutting our preventative/early intervention services in this way is counter-productive
as it will result in many Deaf and hard of hearing people requiring more costly crisis intervention services potentially including residential care in the longer term.

However without this funding North Wales Deaf Association will not be able to continue to provide the vital
services that we have been delivering in the county for over 20 years.

Please, if you feel these services are worth preserving we would be grateful if youcould, on behalf of all our past, present and potential services users, contact Conwy County Borough Council in support of North Wales Deaf Association, asking that we continue to be funded to provide services in the county for the sake of all residents who are Deaf/living with a hearing loss and their families.

There are a variety of ways that you can contact the Council on this issue:
You can write with your comments to Iwan Davies, The Chief Executive, Conwy County
Borough Council, Bodlondeb, Bangor Road, Conwy LL32 8DU·        
Email your comments to
Understanding that it is a very busy time of yearwith summer holidays approaching and appreciating that you will have other priorities to attend tyou can download a prepared letter which you can print, sign, and add additional comments to the bottom and reverse side of and then return to us. We will forward these letters to the Council prior to our next meeting with them to discuss what the future holds for our services in Conwy. 
We also have a written petition in our offices in Colwyn Bay which you are welcome to come and sign during office hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, North Wales Deaf Association and our current and hopefully future service users in the county truly appreciate your support.

Yours sincerely 

Sarah Louise Matthews
Chief Executive 

Click her to down load template letter

Click here to see template letter in BSL

Link to online petition

Older People's Commissioner Questionnaire 

Many of the older people we have met and spoken with across Wales have shared their experiences of accessing and using GP services, which are central to the health and wellbeing of our communities, and provide key links to wider health care services.In addition to sharing their positive experiences, many older people have highlighted the challenges they face when accessing and using GP services. As a result of this, the Commissioner is undertaking a piece of work that identifies good practice that could be more widely adopted across Wales, as well as areas in which improvements are required.The Commissioner has produced this short questionnaire as one way to capture the voices and experiences of older people and ensure that they are at the heart of this work. Any information you provide via the questionnaire will be anonymous but will be used to inform the report that will be published early next year. 

To fill in questionnaire visit:

CONTACT 999 by SMS text

 Watch in BSL

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